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Bettinardi Signature Series 7 Putter

The 2014 bettinardi Signature Series Models are the avid golfer's favorites in design, performance, and exceptional feel. The Signature 7 from Bettinardi is a tribute to Robert's father, Donald Bettinardi. Made from Double Aged Stainless Steel (D.A.S.S.), this double-bend shafted, face balanced putter provides a more stable stroke with a traditional look. The tour blast finish creates a beautiful matte appearance for ultimate playability. The Bettinardi Signature Series are made with a limited run and have been the crown jewel of the Bettinardi production offering. This Bettinardi putter has 3 degrees of loft ith a 71 degree lie.
Bettinardi Signature Series 5 Putter

Bettinardi Signature Series 8 Putter

The Bettinardi Signature 8 can best be described using the word "masterpiece". This classic Bettinardi putter has a hozel which slants slightly, setting up for the picturesque address. This heel-toe weighted putter is designed with a strong pedigree, offering the highest level of performance. The classic honeycomb face and standard length plumber's neck are also key features of the Bettinardi Signature series 8. The tour blast finish on the Signature 8 creates a durable, lasting matte appearance that will retain its color and feel forever.
Bettinardi Signature Series 6 Putter