Tour AD MJ


【MJ - 5】 The tip playing realizes ideal high trajectory.

【MJ - 6】 Feeling that swings strongly with confidence and a sense of comfortable feeling.

【MJ - 7】 Tour shaft which enhances the rigidity of the middle part, compatible with playing and stickiness.

【MJ - 8】 High rigidity in the middle part, playing by controlling the flexure at both ends. 
Playing at the tip realizes an ideal high trajectory. This shaft is a shaft which increased the rigidity of the hand while maintaining the rigidity of the middle part, it is less strumming with moderate stickiness and playing, it is designed to make it difficult to go to the left even if you hit it. ? By combining with low-spin-advanced clubs and balls in recent years, we will lead to improvement of high trajectory, distance and control performance. The number of users has already increased rapidly for both men and women between the two-seat processors, and its certain performance has been demonstrated.

  • About cutting method of the shaft When using for 1 W, it is basically not necessary to cut the tip. ? Also when using it for FW etc. please adjust the hardness within the range where the insertion length into the hosel + tip cutting does not exceed the parallel length of the shaft tip.
  • Please be aware that inserting into the hosel beyond the parallel length to the shaft tip end, inserting it into the hosel after cutting the tip end of the shaft more than the painted surface may lead to breakage of the shaft.
  • Please be careful because it will cause shaft crack if tightening the shaft too strongly when assembling the club, measuring the frequency, changing the grip, etc.


model Weight (g) Torque (deg) Tip diameter / Parallel (mm) Butt diameter (mm) flex Kick point Shaft length (mm)
MJ-5 53 4.7 8.50 / 75 15.15 R2 Medium tone 1168
55 15.20 S
MJ-6 61 3.4 15.15 SR
62 15.20 S
64 15.25 X
MJ-7 71 3.2 15.25 S
72 15.30 X
MJ-8 83 2.8 15.25 S
84 15.30 X