UT-55 / UT-65】 Wood-based utility exclusive shaft
We divide it by 50g and 60g units by weight, pursue thoroughness with the averaging hitter target. Easy to raise the ball Realize good grip. 
[UT - 85 / UT - 95] Iron type utility exclusive shaft
New dimension utility shaft which swings smoothly with astonishing high trajectory. Even if the weight body is set to the 80g - 90g level, even if it swings to the hard, it realized a sharp and solid impact.

  • Basically there is no need for chip cutting about the shaft cutting method. When using it for FW etc., please adjust the hardness within the range where the insertion length into the hosel + tip cutting does not exceed the parallel length of the shaft front end part.
  • Please be aware that inserting into the hosel beyond the parallel length to the shaft tip end, inserting it into the hosel after cutting the tip end of the shaft more than the painted surface may lead to breakage of the shaft.
  • Please be careful because it will cause shaft crack if tightening the shaft too strongly when assembling the club, measuring the frequency, changing the grip, etc.
model Weight (g) Torque 
Tip diameter / Parallel (mm) Butt diameter (mm) flex Kick 
Shaft length (mm)
UT-55 58 4.6 8.90 / 60  14.80  R Sickle 1120
UT-65 69 2.9  15.45  R
70  S
UT-85 84 2.7  15.30  R Medium tone 1065
85  S
UT-95 97 2.4  15.40  S