Tour AD F

【NEW】 F series released in April 2017!

By returning straight throughout the shaft, it became possible to grasp the ball firmly from the ground, realizing a stable trajectory. It is designed with the flow from the driver taken into consideration, the 50 g range is designed to be more easy to increase the torque, the 60 ~ 80 g model is designed to reduce the torque and go hit the fairway wood. 
Even during tee shot, TOUR AD dedicated to FW which pursues the performance required for fairway wood will appear, even from the turf top.

  • The price is the manufacturer suggested retail price plus tax.
  • Tip diameter is the value when unpainted.
  • Specifications may be changed without notice due to circumstances such as improvement.


model Weight (g) Torque (deg) Tip diameter / Parallel (mm) Butt diameter (mm) flex Kick point Shaft length (mm)
F-55 59 5.0 8.50 / 75 15.20 R2 Medium tone 1120
60 R1
60 15.30 S
F-65 68 3.3 15.35 SR
68 S
70 15.40 X
F-75 77 3.2 15.20 S
79 15.30 X
F-85 88 2.8 15.30 S
90 15.35 X