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Grafalloy shafts incorporate high modulus carbon fiber material with cutting-edge designs and proprietary technologies to produce the finest golf shafts available. The development of micro-mesh tip technology and the incorporation of carbon nanotubes into golf shaft design are a couple of examples of Grafalloy shafts' industry-leading technology. Grafalloy shafts have been an industry-leading innovator in graphite shaft technology for nearly two decades, and has produced one of the winningest ultralight shafts in the history of golf. Each week, Grafalloy shafts can be found in play on the PGA, Nationwide and European Tour.

Grafalloy is a leading manufacturer of state of the art carbon fiber wood and iron shafts. Grafalloy shafts continue to pioneer cutting-edge, industry-leading technologies such as blue micro-mesh tip technology and nanotechnology. These proprietary advances in technology coupled with an unwavering focus on quality places Grafalloy among the favorite brands week in and week out on tour. If you'd like more information on any aspect of Grafalloy golf shafts including technical specifications, fitting advice, what shafts to buy and pricing, please contact Golf Shafts Asia and we'll do out best to assist with your Grafalloy Shafts inquiry.