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Fujikura Pro XLR8 Golf Shaft

New for 2016, the PRO series is now available with integrated XLR8 technology for faster club head speeds, faster ball speeds, and more distance. Core HIT technology and PRO characteristics mean greater stability throughout the swing for more accurate shots.


Building on CAGE, Maximum Carbon Fiber Content, and Phantium, the PRO series also features 40 TON Carbon Fiber and a design profile which creates a more reactive mid section.


Utilizing enso® technology throughout the design process for all shafts featuring XLR8, Fujikura has been able to develop a unique EI profile that promotes a faster shaft kick, a lower torque, lower weight and higher balance point.


Developed using the proprietary enso® technology, XLR8 means faster club head speeds, faster ball speeds, and more distance. Available on three models for 2016, XLR8 creates a stiffer handle and tip by moving weight into the butt end, generating a more reactive mid-section and increased kick speed. The result? More efficient energy transfer to the club head and ball, greater acceleration, more overall distance, and another hallmark tech advantage from the engineers at Fujikura.

Fujikura Pro XLR8 Specs