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Fujikura Golf Shafts

Fujikura MCI Golf Shafts
Fujikura MCI Golf Shaft Specifications

When comparing graphite shafts with steel shafts, graphite's center of gravity is located on the butt side of the club which affects the ability to achieve a desirable swing balance. In order to improve this, additional materials are wound on the tip side to add weight. This creates greater balance, but also higher rigidity overall. In the new MCI (Metal Composite Irons), Metal Composite Technology was developed to combine the best attributes of steel and graphite into one revolutionary composite shaft. Increased hitting ability, even weight distribution, and individual length brings perfect flow of frequency and torque within your swing. Try the MCI Fujikura Golf Shaft now from Golf Shafts Asia.

Golf Shafts Asia is pleased to announce we now have 50m, 70m and 90g versions of the Fujikura MCI Shaft.

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