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MCI Wedge Golf Shaft

Fujikure MCI MILD / SOLID Wedge Shaft

Background of Development

While MCI is recognized by many golfers for its performance, necessity of special wedge shaft according to a set of MCI shafts is called for. It seems to be a trend that wedge clubs are dealt with single body sales and its shaft is heavy steel, and many golfers use it as it is. Taking a look into the wedge shaft, there seems to be not consistent in bend rigidity and bend point. This time we introduce 2 kinds of model by bend point, one is SOLID and the other is MILD. You can choose according to your swing type or your desirable ball line.

Features of MCI Wedge

  • SOLID: Bend point is lower and for such players who desire to raise balls high and control by the height.
  • MILD: Bend point is mid to high and for such players who desire to hit ball low and bite green for control.
Fujikure MCI Wedge Shaft Specs

Fujikure MCI Wedge Shaft Specs extra