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outstanding stability feeling that bring out player's potential and flight distance performance compatible

The feature of "Speeder EVOLUTION Ⅲ (Red Evo)" is that it has outstanding flight distance performance, swinging lightly, taking easy timing, and having a sense of stability. Actually, these points will be more effective not only for drivers but also for fairway woods. There are many players who are conscious of the longest fairway wood among the shots hitting from the top of the lawn, but in order to hit that shot accurately, a highly reproducible swing with stability is indispensable. 
"Speeder EVOLUTION III FW" is a shaft that brings out the potential of players to the maximum and leads to shots that combine outstanding stability feel and flight distance performance.


Fujikura Evo III FW

Fujikura Evo III FW

Speeder Evolution III FW Technical Specs

model flex Product length weight torque Tip diameter Butt diameter Condition Curvature distribution curve
SPD EVO III FW 40 R2 44.0 46.0 5.4 8.50 15.25 Before SPD EVO III FW 40
R 47.5 15.30
SR 49.0 15.35
S 50.5 15.40
SPD EVO III FW 50 R 57.5 4.6 15.35 Before SPD EVO III FW 50
SR 59.0 15.40
S 60.5 15.45
X 62.0 15.50
SPD EVO III FW 60 SR 66.5 3.9 15.50 Before SPD EVO III FW 60
S 68.0 15.55
X 69.5 15.60
SPD EVO III FW 70 S 77.5 3.6 15.65 Before SPD EVO III FW 70
X 79.0 15.70
SPD EVO III FW 80 S 87.5 3.1 15.80 Before SPD EVO III FW 80
X 89.0 15.85