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Aerotech Claymore Wood Shafts

Aerotech Claymore Wood Shafts

Claymore MX48:
Here's a glimpse into the new age of driver shafts. Constructed with the new High Modulus Microtex carbon fiber the Claymore MX48 is the most stable ultra-light wood shaft ever produced. The MX48's filament wound, super light weight and moderate tip stiffness allows golfers to maximize club head speed without sacrificing control and accuracy. Don't worry about overpowering this super lightit won't happen.

Claymore MX60:
With the same futuristic construction as the MX48 the Claymore MX60 offers a player slightly higher weight and lower torque than its lighter counterpart. For a player looking to fine tune launch angles and spin rates this Claymore MX60 is the right choice. If you've been playing heavier driver shafts in the past just to maintain stability now its time to try the new generation of ultra-lights, the Aerotech Claymore MX60 and MX48.

Claymore LD Series:
The Claymore LD series shaft is designed for the forces generated by the modern long drive specialists. The LD series shaft is constructed with the same Microtex carbon fiber as the MX48 and MX60 giving this shaft the ability to hold up to the forces exerted by world class long drive competitors. This shaft was introduced to the Remax long drive circuit in early 2009 with incredible success. The Claymore was in the bag of at least 13 competitors at the 2009 Remax World Long Drive championships in Mesquite Nevada in October. Available in 2X, 3X and 4X flexes there's a Claymore LD shaft for anyone that fancies themself a "Big Hitter".

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