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Golf Pride Grips
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Golf Pride Grips


Golf Shafts Asia is proud to offer four of the golf industries leading golf grips - The Grip Master, Superstroke Putter Grips, Golf Pride and now Tiger Shark Grips.

Golf Pride Grips

For over six decades, Golf Pride has been the global leader in golf grip innovation and technology, from the invention of the slip-on grip to groundbreaking advancements in cord with our new Brushed Cotton Technology (BCT) to the introduction of the hybrid category of grips. Today, Golf Pride has laid claim to more major wins than any other grip company. More than 80% of Tour professionals choose to play Golf Pride grips and not one is paid to do so.So, whether you're a Tour pro playing a major, a rising amateur, or an everyday golfer, you can rest assured knowing you're playing the #1 Grip in Golf.

Winn Grips

The new 2013 DuraTech hybrid grip is like no other Winn Grip before it, fusing two unique materials for superb feel, performance and durability. In the upper hand, Winn's durable and responsive Elastom ETX rubber compound provides long-lasting, non-slip control. The slightly softer and more comfortable WinnDry XT polymer provides a tacky yet responsive feel in the lower hand, encouraging lighter grip pressure and enhanced short game touch.

Lamkin Grips

Lamkin's new i-LINE grips are offered in a broad color palette, including several vibrant neon options. The standard size grip (SRP $9.99) is available in traditional black with a gray cap, navy blue with a turquoise-blue cap, yellow with a lime green cap, turquoise blue with a navy blue cap and lime green with a yellow cap. The undersize model is offered in traditional black with a gray cap and magenta with a white cap.

The Grip Master Grips

For three generations the McConchie family has been involved in the leather industry. As kids, Ian and Bruce remember learning about leather and the art of working with it. So it is no coincidence that some 35 years ago, they started to design and manufacture handbags and belts. The business they started 35 years ago has flourished and is a now an industry leader in the Southern Hemisphere. Today, it is fair to say that the McConchie brothers are experts in the grading, tanning, production, manufacturing and nuances of leather.

Karma Grips

Karma Golf Grips are the #1 choice of savy golfers looking for factory direct golf grips for a third of the price. All Karma grips encompass performance and value in mind. The wide array of affordable grips with upgraded compounds and a myriad of colors and textures to choose from not only will you have secure grip on your clubs, but look stylish as well. Karma grips are engineered to produce the highest performing, most technologically advanced golf grips in the industry all at jaw dropping prices.