Combining a network of functional micro- textures with a slightly softer and highly durable material, the new SONAR provides outstanding comfort and unmatched performance.


  • Made with a proprietary hybrid compound that is slightly softer than traditional rubbers, but with exceptional durability and grip control.
  • >System of functional micro-textures provides torsional stability in the upper hand and performance-enhancing control panels in the lower hand
  • Straighter pro le, with a slightly larger lower hand, promotes the ideal light-pressure grip for greater consistency and control.
  • Tacky and responsive feel.
  • Exceptionally comfortable texture, material and grip shape ideally suited for a wide range of golfers.

Description Core Size Nominal Weight
SONAR Standard Plus 0.60 53
SONAR Midsize Plus 0.60 57

  • Fujimoto Gikoh
  • Indi Golf
  • Tom Wishon
  • Club Making Tools
  • Aftermarket Adaptors
Asia - Europe - USA
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