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Golf Pride CP2 Pro and Wrap Golf Grips

Golf Pride CP2 Pro and Wrap Golf Grips

The NEW Golf Pride CP2 Pro and CP2 Wrap are deisgned for players seeking a soft feel that offers comfort, control and superior performance. The Golf Pride CP2 grips feature Control Core technology for added stability, soft rubber for high traction and reducd taper for extra comfort even on mishits. The inner core combined with a soft tacky surface material delivers comfort without sacrificing performance and the exclusive Control Core Technology reduces torque by 41% when compared to same grip without the core. The Golf Pride CP2 is 31% lighter than any other Golf Pride grip and the improved comfort is just sweet for golfers with arthritis. The Golf Pride CP2 Pro and Wrap is available in 3 different sizes and will be available at Golf Shafts Asia soon. To pre-order, please contact us by visiting our contact page.

Combining high-performance technology with a soft, tacky feel, the innovative new CP2 Pro and CP2 wrap delivers comfort and control for superior performance. Featuring Golf Pride's exclusive Control Core technology, a 2.5" inner core stabilizer is specifically engineered to reduce torque. A reduced taper design allows for even grip pressure in each hand, and a soft, high-traction surface provides comfort in every swing. With the CP2, control fits in the palm of your hand. Available in Standard, Midsize and Jumbo.

Golf Pride CP2 Pro and Wrap Golf Grips Specs


SOUTHERN PINES, N.C. Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton announced today that its Golf Pride grips division would unveil its innovative new CP2 line of grips at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show. CP2 grips, defined by their Comfort, Control and Performance attributes, are the softest performance grips in Golf Pride history. New proprietary Control Core technology allows for a softer feel without compromising performance.

The CP2 line will be available in two models, CP2 Pro (Red) and CP2 Wrap (Blue), to accommodate players with two distinctly different texture preferences. The CP2 Pro offers a straight, texture grip pattern, while the CP2 Wrap is designed for those golfers who appreciate the softness of a comfort grip delivered in a classic wrap design. Both CP2 models are 31% softer than any other grip in the Golf Pride line and feature the company's proprietary new Control Core technology; a 2.5" inner control core stabilizer. Located at the top of the grip where the greatest amount of swing pressure is received, the Control Core reduces torque by 41% compared to the same grip without the core. A straighter taper in the lower section encourages even hand pressure for a more stable and consistent swing.

"Consumer testing validation was instrumental in the performance development of the CP2 line," stated Brandon Sowell, global sales and marketing manager for Golf Pride. "As soon as players took a swing, they could feel the Control Core benefits. Payers commented that the fantastic feel and control immediately transferred to a high level of confidence as they stepped up to the ball. The innovation in the CP2 grips delivers softer feel with the control and durability that golfers expect from Golf Pride."

The CP2 line features three sizes, standard, midsize and jumbo and is available from Golf Shafts Asia.