Fujimoto - Adject Forged Heads

The Fujimoto’s Adject golf irons have outstanding stability in all terrains; this is provided by their perfect weight distribution and balance from the heel to the toe and to the top of the sole of the club. To create this unique club Fujimoto used detailed forging methods combined with CNC milling to distribute the weight perfectly for exquisite balance and control. The Adject with it’s balanced design and mid-sized head inspire confidence on any lie in any course. The Aject is crafted from SS400 steel providing a more clean and solid feel at impact compared to previous clubs.

Fujimoto - Adject

Fujimoto - Believer Forged Heads

Fujimoto’s Believer has midsize head with perfect CG, 3D CNC milling. It’s 3D CNC’ed back has a progressive weight system; created by it’s deep cavity back and weight distribution. This allows for a thicker sweet spot that creates a tremendous feel on impact. Although the iron is forged with SS400 steel, it offers a sharp appearance and great forgiveness due to it’s progressive weight system. The Believer is a phenomenal piece of work of Japanese golf history.

Fujimoto - Believer

Fujimoto - Believer BL-3 Forged Heads

Fujimoto’s Believer BL-3 - the third generation that has evolved. Designed as gooseneck without streching the shoulder elbow. By lowering the center of gravity by unique CNC processing, the balls are easy to raise even in strong lofts, and a clear trajectory is drawn that makes it easy to draw a distance. Not only eye-catching, experience the difference.
Fujimoto - Believer BL-3

Fujimoto - Believer HIA-X Forged Heads

The Believer HIA-X broke the preconception that muscle back irons are generally more difficult to hit; with it’s one piece semi hollow muscle back iron head. 40g of the weight is removed from the club then redistributed to promote a quality feel on impact. Although HIA-X is a muscle back, it matches the trajectory and sweet spot of that of a cavity back. Fujimoto’s Progressive weight flow system is applied, arranging the weight low for long irons, middle for mid irons, and high for short irons to provide desirable distance, accuracy, and spin control. Unlike 2 piece semi hollow clubs that are widely used in the market nowadays the Believer HIA-X uses a 1 piece semi hollow. The head is made using SS400 steel and offers a muscle back’s own feel on impact as well as cavity back’s advantages.
Fujimoto - Believer HIA-X

Fujimoto - Believer Wedges

This wedge is designed to have a strongly grinded sole, which can be used in diverse conditions. CNC milled advanced design with very straight neck.
Fujimoto - Believer Wedges

Fujimoto - M Black Oxide - Hand Made Raw Wedges (non-conforming grooves)

Fujimoto - Believer Wedges
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