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Bettinardi H2 Satin Nickel Forged Wedge

This tour inspired "High Helix Cut" wedge from Bettinardi features inline Groove Technology that imparts exceptional spin and the purest feel of any wedge. The Satin Nickel finish gives this Bettinardi Wedge a classic appearance with a C-Grind sole. The C-Grind sole allows the leading edge to rest on the ground longer, which creates maximum performance on open face wedge shots. The Bettinardi H2 Satin Nickel Forged Wedge is now availabe at Golf Shafts Asia.

Bettinardi H2 Satin Nickel Forged Wedges

Bettinardi H2 Cashmere Bronze Forged Wedge

The Cashmere Bronze finish provides an elegant and classy appearance that will inspire confidence at address. This beautiful wedge also features the tour inspired High Helix Cut with inline grove technology and C-Grind sole. Bettinardi and his team have created a masterpiece in the H2 Cashmere Bronze forged wedge and expect nothing less from one of the masters of milled putters.

Bettinardi H2 Cashmere Bronze Forged Wedges

For many years, Bettinardi Golf has been known for it's premium golf equipment. Pro's from all over the world have won using Bettinardi putters and now it's time for Bettinardi forged wedges. Staying with the short game category, the Bettinardi crew have put together their finest in their new tour inspired forged wedge line. The high helix brings together precision, performance and the purest feel you'll encounter in a forged wedge. H2 stands for High Helix which is a very aggressive tool that cuts the face of edge wedge. This milling cutter removes metal at a very fast pace leaving a unique milling pattern that provides maximum spin along with improved contact in all weather conditions. Advanced Grove volume also enhances spin and overall stability through impact. Get the new Bettinardi H2 Forged Wedges from Golf Shafts Asia.

Bettinardi H2 Forged Wedges Specs