A231125 Industrial Golf Club Curing Rack on Wheels

USD $120.75

The Industrial Golf Club Curing Rack is the perfect solution for securing clubs for curing, and transporting around the shop or factory floor. It will accommodate up to 22 clubs of any length and type. The lie angle is fully adjustable, as is the height of the non-marring PVC-coated shaft rest. Please inquire for availability and lead-time.

A231120 Golf Club Display and Curing Rackr

USD $67.00

A must have Golf Club Curing Rack that holds up to 12 clubs just assembled or awaiting alterations. The rack is mounted to a wall or bolted on the side of a work- bench. The stops are coated in a thick PVC dip to protect the heads and shafts. The Base of the display is covered with an alveolar foam that moulds around the head to prevent slippage. The rack is 17” wide by 8” deep.

A231110 Shaft Rack

USD $20.50

Keep clubs and shafts securely standing against your workbench, ready for the next step in the assembly/repair process. Easily attaches to the front, top, or side of your workbench with two screws.

A231100 Golf Club Track Holder

USD $20.50

Handy shop aid lets you get on to other duties quickly without worrying about knocking over clubs set aside for curing. Wall-mounted rack with sliding, rubber clasps keeps clubs upright for drying. Easily accommodates a full set of irons.

A231601 Unibody Golf Grip display

USD $24.00

Grip sizing and selection are essential elements of professional club fitting and should not be overlooked. Grips that are too small or too large in diameter undermine proper fit. Whether displaying promotional samples, assortments or custom sized grips, this attractive and versatile counter-top grip display, occupies very little space and is a cost effective solution for both clubmakers and retailers.

A230300 Point of Sale Displlay Stand

USD $147.00

A Compact self standing Point of Sale Display great of putters and wedges. Header board can accept posters